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Whether your challenges are related to Construction Management, Quality, Commissioning, Turnover, Facility Management, or Ownership,
Quicx is a flexible solution that will streamline the way you do business.

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Change Documents

Change Documents

Quicx allows your team to see the impact of changes along with making all modified documents immediately to every user.

Commissioning Checklists


Create commissioning checklists for offline completion electronically without copying and pasting spreadsheets a bazzilion times.

Commissioning and Closeout


Transition from commissioning to occupancy by managing the review, status, and delivery of O&M Manuals, Spare Parts, Training, and Warranties.

Design Review

Design Review

Collaboration is crucial, which means the tools being used have to be simple to use. How about automated notifications and no emails?


Every project needs a place to put critical project information for referral and use throughout the project. Consider this the project's cloud.



If your drawings are all dumped in nested file folders on a server somewhere and you can't find the latest versions...Please let us help you.

Commissioning Equipment

Equipment & Systems

The backbone of the commissioning process is the equipment list. Manage equipment statuses, complete checklists, relations to issues, and so much more.

Commissioning Field Reports

Field Reports

Whether your projects require daily reports or site observation reports, our field reports module captures all the details of your activities.

Commissioning Functional Tests

Functional Tests

Whether your commissioning individual pieces of equipment or Integrated Systems, the key is having a flexible system.

Quality Control


Quality is King. Setup routine inspections to be carried out, create punchlist items to be worked on and tracked until resolution.

Commissioning Issues

Issues Log

Manage commissioning and construction issues in an orderly fashion. Upload photos, stay up to date with Automated Notifications, and run granular issues log reports.



Don't spend all your time outside of meetings managing your meetings. Quicx automates the process, you enter the details.



Reports can be ran for nearly every section in the application and can also be ran across projects at the executive level.



Upload the project specifications and everything gets tied to the spec sections which creates very detailed and sophisticated reporting.


Submittal Packages and Items

First the register items go in, then when a package is ready tell Quicx what items are included. Use the comments manager to facilitate submittal review.



For formal transmission of documents or materials, use the transmittals module in Quicx to distribute record documentation.

Additional features created through Workflow Analysis

Quicx is dedicated to the continual improvement of the application in order to provide a robust project delivery system for the reduction of cost with increased efficiency.

Automated Notification

Automated Notifications

Configurable Automated Notifications allows key contacts to stay up to date on project activities.
Spend more time managing projects and less time sending emails.

Bulk Importing

Bulk Import / Export

Bulk Import and Export nearly every function set in the application helps to save time and increase efficiency.
Final Report creation doesn't have to take weeks.

Commissioning COBie


Import COBie spreadsheets from design phase and export complete buildings for consumption by a CMMS application.

Commissioning Deliverables


Quicx expands on Specification Deliverables with a management tool for tracking commissioning documentation like NETA Testing Results, Start-up Reports, and TAB Reports


Granular Permissions

With permissions put togther into user roles, you can control exactly what each team member can see and edit.

File Viewer

File Viewer

Quick access to key project documentation is paramount to gaining user adoption and project success.

Get Mobile. Work Offline in the field with Quicx Mobile

Take the tools you need in the field where the work is actually getting done with our offline mobile app for iPad for construction and commissioning.