Quicx Company Profile and Description
Company Profile

The Kaizen of Project Delivery Software

Kaizen is Japanese for "good change" or "continuous Improvement" and that's what we're all about. Our mission has always been to continually enhance the overall project delivery process. As we are all striving to be lean, agile and efficient, we still need to achieve consistent, high quality deliverables on our projects. Quicx will help you to leverage your resources and eliminate non-value added, time consuming steps in your processes.

Since its conception and introduction into the marketplace in the late 1990's, Quicx has advanced beyond software that simply manages basic tasks, to a secure, integrated, and sustainable long term enterprise application. Quicx was designed to provide not just a single function to a department or corporation, but an integral industry wide solution.
*A message from our President - Wanda Lenkewich.

Your Data is Safe with Us

Over the past 15 years Quicx has improved the management, delivery, and preservation of mission critical facility data and documentation to key stakeholders. We are very sensitive to the secure handling of critical information. Through our installations within the Department of Defense, Quicx has undergone extensive security testing and is approved for use on Government networks accessible though smart card access.