About Us

Quicx promotes Facility Lifecycle Management. Our Commissioning Software, Facility Documentation, and Project Delivery Software is suitable for all types of commercial real estate, facilities, and critical infrastructure.

We serve government and business customers. This includes everything from healthcare to higher education, hospitality to industrial, offices to airports, museums to military bases. We can help wherever real estate needs influence outcomes. 

Quicx is a division of Chinook Systems, a consulting and facilities engineering firm. Our headquarters location is just outside Washington, DC.


Framework, Interoperability, and Lifecycle are central to our Approach.

The Framework comes from the Quicx database architecture. It starts with an inventory of a facility’s Building Equipment, Control Systems, and other Operational Technology. Each piece in that inventory has records for locating, tracking, measuring, monitoring, updating, and securing. With this Framework, data from Quicx can be fed into BIM, CAFM, and other applications.

Data feeding the facilities ecosystem increases value. Interoperability provides flexibility while embracing the growth of IoT devices. 

Lifecycle extends the use of data from facility planning to design, construction, and operation stages. Using data from every stage prevents a decline in facility performance. Operations monitoring becomes more efficient too.


Digital technology changes the way we view buildings. Smart Building Technology, Internet of Things, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) provide continuous in-depth insights.

The way we view building performance is being transformed by LEED, employee engagement, customer experience, and cybersecurity.


The values which guide us include:

  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity.

With Innovation, we creatively apply data-driven technologies and seek new ways to solve customer challenges.

Teamwork includes colleagues and customers alike. We promote a platform where individuals can collaborate and there is interoperability between systems.

Integrity comes into play whether we are forging new ground or refining our approach.


The Quicx team has experience in areas such as facility management, commissioning, mechanical and electrical engineering, energy management, cyber secure building controls, telecommunications, architecture, and high-performing smart buildings.

To understand customer needs, we are not shy about asking questions. Did we mention Teamwork and Innovation? The best solutions usually aren’t found alone. We welcome opportunities to partner with customers – and even other software vendors.

Since our software was first released, Quicx has been used by thousands of architectural, engineering, construction, Building Commissioning, and Facilities Management professionals as well as property owners. Our history includes projects and facilities encompassing millions of square feet and totaling more than ten billion dollars.

Our team leads technology innovations. Projects range from BIM and COBie data integrations to 3D visualizations.