Construction Closeout into Facility Management

Construction Closeout and asset handover are major milestones in a facility’s lifecycle. The Quicx design takes into account the entire lifecycle. Early phases feed closeout; closeout promotes downstream facility management. 

Progress at Every Step

Information driving the project also supports Construction Closeout. Feed your closeout with the Drawings, Specifications, and Equipment data from the project’s design and build phases.

Plus, with the entire project team accessing Quicx, team members can upload materials directly while you manage the process. 

Prevent a mad rush at project’s end. Capture and collect as you go, during regular workflows. Use Quicx reporting to track closeout statuses by equipment type and discipline.


Impress owners and facility managers at handover. Deliver a digital inventory including:

  • O&M Manuals
  • Spare Parts
  • Training
  • Warranties.
Cross-reference this information against the facility’s Drawings, Specifications, and Equipment.
Make your construction closeout a roadmap that supports Facility Documentation needs. Use data delivered during construction closeout to strengthen the facility’s building information modelling (BIM). Done well, your work empowers the facility manager during operations and occupancy.

How much knowledge loss occurs over the course of a project?

“I think Bob confirmed that before he moved to the other project.”

“We are still waiting for the Design-Build team to update the files.”

Construction Management Software Done Differently

Does project success seem tied to the teams’ collective ability to manage high volumes of email?

“Did you send me that email?”

“Our network is getting crushed with these huge attachments.”

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