Get Control of your Construction Punch List

A Construction Punch List demands attention. Quicx makes punch lists actionable.

Automatic Notifications

Members of your project team can setup notifications and automatically receive an alert to find out about punch list activity.

Cross Referenced

Punch list functionality once again shows the power of Quicx innovative database architecture. Construction Punch List items can get related to:

  • Location
  • Change Orders
  • Discipline
  • Drawings
  • Specifications
  • Company and more.

Cross referencing provides for more complete understanding of each punch list item.

Cross referencing also provides for more sophisticated reporting of construction punch list items in aggregate.

Simple logs summarize activity, status, and progress.

How much knowledge loss occurs over the course of a project?

“I think Bob confirmed that before he moved to the other project.”

“We are still waiting for the Design-Build team to update the files.”

Construction Management Software Done Differently

Does project success seem tied to the teams’ collective ability to manage high volumes of email?

“Did you send me that email?”

“Our network is getting crushed with these huge attachments.”

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