Quicx incorporates a set of tools for building permit management. Manage all of the permits required to coordinate work and maintain safety on projects. It all starts with specifying the types of permits applicants will be applying for. With Quicx, you can detail who is to sign off, who gets notified at each step, what supplementary documents are required, and create an electronic permit form to be filled out.

Quicx Permit Dashboard helps you stay on top of what Permits need review and what Events are coming up.

Permit Dashboard

How much knowledge loss occurs over the course of a project?

“I think Bob confirmed that before he moved to the other project.”

“We are still waiting for the Design-Build team to update the files.”

Construction Management Software Done Differently

Does project success seem tied to the teams’ collective ability to manage high volumes of email?

“Did you send me that email?”

“Our network is getting crushed with these huge attachments.”

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