Formal Tracking - and Closure - of RFI's

How is your process for submitting, responding to, and tracking a Construction RFI (Request for Information)? Many find their process less than optimized.

What about when there are hundreds of RFI’s with multiple parties all requesting and responding. How well does your process scale?

Quicx offers a better way for your entire project team to manage and satisfy RFI’s.

  • Digital Hub
    With the entire project team having access to Quicx, questions and answers flow through a single point. Comment strings provide context and clarification. Having a central hub also gives transparency and traceability because management of individual requests is consolidated.
  • Attachments & Links
    A problem well stated is a problem half solved. Quicx makes it easy to attach pictures to RFI’s and link RFI’s back to Drawings, Specifications, and other records stored within Quicx.

Track your Construction RFI's through a Digital Hub

Quicx is a particularly cost-effective solution when one considers other approaches, from manually managing files and emails to licensing and customizing generic online collaboration tools.

How much knowledge loss occurs over the course of a project?

“I think Bob confirmed that before he moved to the other project.”

“We are still waiting for the Design-Build team to update the files.”

Construction Management Software Done Differently

Does project success seem tied to the teams’ collective ability to manage high volumes of email?

“Did you send me that email?”

“Our network is getting crushed with these huge attachments.”

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