Commissioning Software

Commissioning Software is taking off

Commissioning Software is taking off

There is an increased demand for Building Commissioning Services. Quicx Commissioning Software can help you become more efficient in building your commissioning services business. Don't drown in a sea of spreadsheets.

A Framework for Commissioning Agents to Use

Master Equipment Lists

Quicx helps track all the equipment at a facility – plus cross-reference Equipment Lists by location and commissioning test status.
Facility Equipment List


Use Quicx to store your Prefunctional Checklists (PFCs) and Functional Performance Tests (FPTs). Having a “central library” of these important tools makes it easier to:

  • Leverage PFCs and FPTs across multiple commissioning projects
  • Make sure your commissioning agents are using the up-to-date versions.
  • See the condition and depth of your PFCs and FPTs.
  • Simplify distribution. They are all online.

Audit Trail

What does your commissioning audit trail look like? Does each piece of equipment in the facility have a test summary, a history of when it was tested, who tested it, and test results – or is a Pass/Fail result all you and your clients deserve?

Quicx saves test results to help manage project progress and status. The test history supports follow up inquiries, warranty reviews, deferred or seasonal testing, and quality assurance.

Quicx Commissioning Software brings project teams together

Increased Collaboration between design and construction teams, owners, subcontractors, and building equipment suppliers.

Submittals, RFIs, and Transmittals

Quicx establishes a digital hub for your entire project team. With Quicx, you have a platform for storing, distributing, and tracking Transmittals, Submittal Packages, and RFIs. Integrated features offer a better way to respond to RFIs, including photo and documentation attachments.

Quicx is a particularly cost-effective solution when one considers other approaches, from manually managing files and emails to licensing and customizing generic online collaboration tools.

Commissioning Meetings

Digital communication and online collaboration is great, but sometimes face-to-face meetings are necessary – including those conducted through video conferencing and conference calls. Use Quicx to make your meetings run better.

  • Define and distribute Agendas online
  • Archive or automatically carry forward Old Business
  • Attach Meeting Minutes
  • Establish distribution lists and attendee lists
  • Generate meeting summary reports and attendance forms
  • Track and filter meetings by type

Document Management

What methods does your team use to store and access Commissioning Plans and Owners Project Requirements? Do these processes vary by project? Licensing yet another third-party tool to cobble together a solution?

Quicx includes Document Management tools so you can easily upload and access project documentation.

Issues Management

Quicx offers an Issues Management tool which supports:

  • Cataloging of Issues as they arise,
  • Tracking those Issues by date and responsible party,
  • Attaching digital images and files to clarify the issue
  • Easy to follow comment strings
  • Associating Issues to a specific piece of equipment on the Equipment List

Construction Closeout and Handover

Increase your customer satisfaction. Construction Closeout can go smoother when you use Quicx to track and store:

  • O&M Manuals
  • Spare Parts
  • Warranties

Offline Support

Don't let Security Protocols or a Weak Signal in the field slow you down.

Import & Export

Quicx functionality for importing and exporting – including Data Input Validation Checks – embraces the ways spreadsheet applications are oftentimes used while performing commissioning activities.

Native App

Quicx Commissioning Software features a native iOS app that runs offline on your iPad. Commissioning checklists are available offline, and data collected in the field synchronizes when you go back online. appstore

Bulk Printing

Printable input forms and checklists are a low tech but undeniably reliable option when on site for a commissioning project. Quicx bulk printing operations make this option easy.

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